I swear losing weight is not my only concern.

May 11, 2010

So, what is it about my health goals that drive me to write here. They are not the only thing I think about.  But, obviously, they are a big issue in my life.  I’ve had a lot of concerns, and a very difficult time with habits, and energy. Of course, they say, if you want more energy, you have to work out…but that’s hard to do when you don’t have energy!

Well, we did a lot of house work the last few weeks, and if there’s one thing I figured out, it’s that suddenly, I’m having a difficult time getting on and off the floor, lots of aches and pains, and definitely less flexibility. I’ve always been pretty flexible, whether in shape or not. But I’m too young to start this ‘I’m too old for that’ because of my physical limitations. I’m too young to have physical limitations!

So, the housework is still going on, but more like one project at a time. So we should have more time to get back into a routine of exercise. Problem is, when you get out of a routine, it’s so easy to excuse away every attempt. For instance, I was planning on going to the gym tonight, but i’m home sick right now, and have no desire to go do a workout, now, or later. 😉 But here are a few reasons I need to get my butt in shape:

1. I’m having hormone problems. This is not only affecting my chances of getting pregnant, but also is putting me at risk for some breast problems, including cancer. I’ve had some scares the last six months, and I’m not convinced I’m out of the woods. I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain on one side. One of the biggest things I need to do is limit the amount of estrogenic products and foods I’m exposing myself to. I can expound on that later. But the other thing I need to do is get my weight down. My body is estrogen dominant, so it hangs on to too high of a level of estrogen throughout my monthly cycle, when it’s supposed to fluctuate. Estrogen is fat-loving. I don’t understand it well, so I don’t really know which came first, like the chicken and the egg: does the increased fat increase the amount of estrogen because it likes to stick to it, or does the high level of estrogen make it hard to lose fat because it’s holding on to it?  I believe excess fat can actually increase levels of estrogen. I need to do more homework. Nonetheless…I feel that even specifically the weight in my chest is increasing my issues, and that’s the last place I usually gain, so the fact that I’m at the weight I am now is increasing my weight where I’d like to say is a GREAT place, is also probably increasing the fatty tissue that fibroids like to form in.

2. I have a wedding to get in shape for! My sister in law is getting married in November, and she’s asked me to be a bridesmaid along with her sister and another friend. Sure, I’ve tried to get in shape for other weddings…including my own!  But, here’s the great thing. I have 6 months to get in good shape. Andy’s in the wedding, too, so we both have some incentive. I don’t want to spend money on a gown at the size I am now. It’s just insult to injury! (Not from Mandi, I just mean I dislike buying clothes when I’m not happy that I can’t fit into my own. And I want to be excited to buy the dress!  Not all bridesmaids get the opportunity to choose their own dress, so I want this to be fun!).  Sure, if I do manage to get pregnant before then, I’ll have to curtail the weight loss…but that will be fine!  I’ll still work on getting in shape!

3. I want to finally get fit, having fun doing it. Yes, I have a weight loss goal. But I’m going to tackle it in a fun way. No exercising because I have to. I’m going to get limbered up and get back into my old favorite, kickboxing. If anyone is a member of 24 Hour Fitness, and enjoys kickboxing, I could use a workout buddy!  It’s always more fun to go to a class when you know a friend will be there. Andy’s going to get back on his bicycle. I may, too.  Anyway. I want to be active. None of this getting old too soon for me. It’s time to get off my butt! (and lose it!).

So…hey, next post, I promise, won’t be about health. Maybe it will be about cupcakes. Did you know my mom and I are about to start a cupcake business?  Talk amongst yourselves. 😉


8 Responses to “I swear losing weight is not my only concern.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hey Angie! I just wanted to say ‘I hear ya Sista!’ I have also struggled with estrogen dominance and it’s absolutely NO FUN!!! I had the most insane stomach/side pains for what seemed like forever, and my doctors told me it would take years to pregnant…if ever. But as you know, a diagnosis doesn’t always have to define us…I’m now 6 months pregnant and pain free 🙂 That obviously doesn’t guarantee the same results for everyone, but I hope you find it a tad encouraging. I’ll be praying for you because I understand how discouraging these things can be. Love you girl!

    • Angie Says:

      I had no idea! Do you have to take any medicine/supplements? (not to get pregnant, necessarily, but just to normalize things?)

      • Rachel Says:

        I was taking a progesterone cream until the month I got pregnant. It didn’t make things perfect by any means, but things eventually started to balance out a bit. I’m wondering what in the world my body is going to do after I have this baby, though! I also found out I’m RH- which also increases the chance of future miscarriages, so I’m super thankful for how things are going with this pregnancy!!!

      • Angie Says:

        I’m doing the progesterone cream, as well. I’m also taking a daily supplement called Brevail, which is a lignan oil supplement from flax seeds. It’s supposed to help regulate the level of estrogen naturally. Of course, my doc also has me on prenatals, DHA, EFA’s, and some other miscellaneous things. Turns out I have an ultra low vitamin D count, so I’m on high dosage of that to get it back up. May have nothing to do with the miscarriage. But it isn’t great to have in combination with a propensity to possibly create fibroids…I think vit D is one of those vitamins that if you have a lot of, it helps you fight off cancers and other problems…

  2. Beef muffins topped with gravy and bacon bits? Just like mom used to make! 😀

    Seriously, though. Are those bacon bits?

    • Angie Says:

      Teehee! Yeah, it’s bacon. I can’t remember the exact recipe…I made them a while ago. Kind of a maple french toast thing with bacon inside and on top! Weird, but good. I need to try them again because they actually didn’t bake up right. But they looked cool!

  3. allison Says:

    hooray for cupcakes! i love cupcakes. when and where is this business opening?

    also, how does one find out if their body is estrogen dominant?

    • Angie Says:

      Yay!! It will be a catering business for now. We’ll see if it ever takes off! As for when, as soon as we feel comfortable enough with our recipes/techniques, and have a few more details planned, and marketing (business cards and website!). But we have some unofficial orders already!

      As for finding out about your hormones, you have to have bloodwork done. I recommend going to a naturopathic doctor, because I think they’ll take more time and care to really see the source of all that’s happening in your body, with the particular care to treat it as naturally as possible. After my miscarriage, my first doctor had my progesterone checked, on a certain day of the month, and said I was ‘ovulatory’. Later I went to a naturopath, and she had EVERYTHING checked, and on a different day, later in my cycle, which is when my estrogen should have been lower and my progesterone higher. Neither were where they should have been for that part of my cycle. But, I will say, she had me diagnosed before she even saw the bloodwork, because everything about my history read like a book to her. I was floored. 🙂

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